30 years of experience in servicing Beverage bottling lines.

Erre Tre Service was born in …  from Paolo Rebecchi’s 30-year experience in servicing Beverage bottling lines.

Erre Tre Service is specialized in assembly, placement, start-up procedures, test run and maintenance of bottling and packaging automated lines.

Erre Tre Service was born and developed in Fidenza, in Parma countryside. We are in the middle of Emilia Romagna, the very heart of the Food Valley, that particular land in which passion, expertise and research are melted together in order to create the utmost innovative and cutting-edge solutions and technologies.

Erre Tre Service is based upon the experience and competence of highly specialized personnel who have been servicing Beverage/Food automated bottling and packaging lines for at least 20 years. Our staff, starting from the CEO Paolo Rebecchi, has been working since the beginning, on the field, to carefully follow the projects step by step, operating side by side, technicians and customers, as a team.

Since 2008 Paolo Rebecchi, together with his business partner, founded and developed one of the most successful company in this market even recognized as a leading company back then. Erre Tre Service was born from that experience and today it operates all over the world.

Erre Tre Service team is composed by:

Choosing Erre Tre Service as a partner means to be completely sure that every problem will be solved without any extra fees due to damages or unforeseen events because eventual damages to third parties or machineries are covered thanks to its third party insurance. Even more so, all technical personnel are insured for any possible accident or illness and furthermore they are covered by a life policy.

Erre Tre Service staff is able to manage the logistics and the bureaucracy on behalf of its customers in order to obtain Visas and work permits, book flights, hotels and transportations.

Erre Tre Service is specialized in assembly and placement, start-up procedures, test run and maintenance of automated bottling and packaging lines for its customers.

Erre Tre Service staff is composed by:

– Foremen to supervise assembly/start-up procedures
– Electronic engineers
– Mechanical engineers
– Process managers

– Consultants who oversee all the industrial electromechanical aspects.

Meet our specialists

Paolo Rebecchi



Paolo Rebecchi, the owner. He has been working in the Beverage field for 35 years.

He is the point of reference of the whole company thanks to his experience and proficiency in the assembly, placement, test run and maintenance of automated packaging and bottling lines filed.

Dimitri Pesci

Technical Support South America


The project manager who plans and cares all the projects created in the company.

Together with the CEO Paolo Rebecchi, he manages the relationships with customers and technicians in order to make sure that all the process runs smoothly.

As well as Paolo Rebecchi, he has a major experience in servicing Beverage lines since he has worked in this field for a long time. For almost 20 years he was an electromechanical foreman and he worked all over the world.

Ester Rebecchi

Account manager


She can boast a 20-year experience in the accounting field.

In Erre Tre Service she manages the invoice issuing, the settlements, the company safety all tasks that she previously performed in another company.

Niccolò Rebecchi

Head of logistics


He takes care of all the logistics tasks and services in Erre Tre Service. He manages and takes care of the relationships with the technicians before, during and after the trip, directly cooperating and communicating with the customer to organise and plan every aspect of the business travel. In fact, Erre Tre Service is able to operate with customers all around the globe thanks to the fact that its staff is proficient in Italian, English and Spanish. 

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